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Historic Places 101

Canada’s communities are made up of historic places that define our national identity and give shape and texture to our urban and rural neighbourhoods. Their social, historic, and environmental value goes well beyond the economic value they hold for their current owners.

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Why Historic Places Matter

From the humblest to the grandest, historic buildings tell the story of Canada better than any textbook, and represent our country in all its beauty and diversity. But historic places perform other vital roles.

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What Roles Do Governments Play?

Canadian property and civil rights—including heritage protection—come under the exclusive jurisdiction of provincial-territorial governments. Legal protection of individual properties of heritage value (and sometimes districts) resides with these governments and their municipalities.

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Capital Campaigns

In the heritage sector many of our fundraising campaigns are about raising capital to support the preservation, restoration and regeneration of places that matter in our communities. These are intense and time-limited campaigns that draw on all our resources but enrich our organizations by raising public awareness, increasing capacity to fundraise, and engaging new donors and volunteers.

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Regeneration 101

Regenerating a historic place is not a linear process, unexpected detours and unforeseen opportunities are common. It also progresses incrementally, with creative ideas evolving from trials (and errors!). And it takes a team with a range of talents, a shared vision, and strong leadership.

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