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Webinars: Getting Ready to Fundraise

New to fundraising? Looking to up your fundraising game? Watch these three brief webinars on fundraising fundamentals to help you set goals, plan and pick the fundraising strategies that are right for your team.

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Regenerating Canada’s Downtowns

Drawing on the lessons learned from success stories from across the country, here are some of the key activities that can help you regenerate your downtown.

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Tip Sheet: Social Enterprise: A tool to sustain your heritage site

Social Enterprise is a much misunderstood concept, particularly because it has no one single definition. However, in all the many definitions, there are always three key elements, as follows: The primary guiding purpose of the business must be to address a social need or gap* in our society.

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Case Study: Cape Forchu Lighthouse

The Friends of the Yarmouth Light Society were able to secure the original lens that had been in use in the lighthouse from 1908 to 1962. They wanted to restore and re-assemble it as an interactive display that would give visitors a great opportunity to experience life as a lightkeeper.

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Case Study: Annapolis Royal Lighthouse

In 2015 The Historical Association of Annapolis Royal was struggling to keep up with major restoration work needed to keep the lighthouse open to the public. So, they competed in the National Trust’s This Lighthouse Matters crowdfunding competition which supported Nova Scotia communities who were working to save their lighthouses.

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