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Regeneration 101

Regenerating a historic place is not a linear process, unexpected detours and unforeseen opportunities are common. It also progresses incrementally, with creative ideas evolving from trials (and errors!). And it takes a team with a range of talents, a shared vision, and strong leadership.

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Getting Ready to Fundraise

If you are setting up a fundraising shop or have organized a few ad hoc fundraising campaigns or events and now you want to take a more measured and organized approach to your fundraising you need to do some careful planning to get ready to fundraise.

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Small Shops

Small shops with 2 or less – and even no – staff dedicated to fundraising can meet the challenge of raising funds, expanding their donor base, and taking advantage of evolving trends in fundraising. All it takes is the right tools and a good plan.

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Donor Appeals

A donor appeal is a renewal appeal targeted at existing donors and solid prospects. It is often in the form of an annual appeal or an appeal to support a specific project or urgent need.

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Special Events

Special events can be a great way for organizations to raise funds, create public awareness and build volunteer base. They range from big to small, from car washes, to golf tournaments, charity auctions and gala dinners. Careful planning and execution are needed to ensure your organization achieves its goals for your event.

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