Renewing your Heritage Place


Historic places embody so much of our communities’ social, cultural and environmental history. By revitalizing how they are used and operated, they can contribute in new ways to making our cities, towns and rural areas even more vibrant and livable.  Learn how to regenerate these places to ensure their on-going sustainability.

Tip Sheet: Social Enterprise: A tool to sustain your heritage site

Social Enterprise is a much misunderstood concept, particularly because it has no one single definition. However, in all the many definitions, there are always three key elements, as follows: The primary guiding purpose of the business must be to address a social need or gap* in our society.

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Case Study: Capital Campaigns

In the heritage sector many of our fundraising campaigns are about raising capital to support the preservation, restoration and regeneration of places that matter in our communities. These are intense and time-limited campaigns that draw on all our resources but enrich our organizations by raising public awareness, increasing capacity to fundraise, and engaging new donors and volunteers.

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Tip Sheet: Telling Your Story to Donors

Everyone loves a story – and heritage places have stories to tell. The story of your heritage place is a crucial piece of your fundraising plan. It will carry over to all your materials [flyers, website, e-mails, and donor appeals]. Telling it in a compelling, emotional, engaging and inspiring way will win you donors.

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Tip Sheet: Regeneration 101

Regenerating a historic place is not a linear process, unexpected detours and unforeseen opportunities are common. It also progresses incrementally, with creative ideas evolving from trials (and errors!). And it takes a team with a range of talents, a shared vision, and strong leadership.

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Tip Sheet: Special Events

Special events can be a great way for organizations to raise funds, create public awareness and build volunteer base. They range from big to small, from car washes, to golf tournaments, charity auctions and gala dinners. Careful planning and execution are needed to ensure your organization achieves its goals for your event.

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