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Tip Sheet: Should historic places seize the Giving Tuesday opportunity?

In the lead up to Giving Tuesday 2019 (December 3), staff members at the National Trust for Canada have gathered our thoughts on this giving phenomenon.

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1.0 Introduction

Over the winter of 2021, the Trust undertook a research project to better understand the challenges facing these sites and learn how partners are working together to resolve them. The research included a national survey and over 40 interviews with owners, operators, and community partners. The report presents the methodology and results of the research, and this Shared Stewardship Toolkit presents recommendations in a format that will be useful for all partners.

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2.0 Definitions

The Places, Players and Partnerships. A. The Places: Geographic location and physical complexity have a significant impact on the ways that sites are governed and operated. While there are universal issues and best practices to be shared across all sites, the specifics of location and site size determine certain dynamics in the shared stewardship dynamic that should be considered.

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3.1 Best Practice: Putting the Agreement to Paper

A well written agreement is integral to a successful partnership. When an agreement lacks clarity or provides an unrealistic division of roles and responsibilities, issues may arise in all aspects of managing and operating the site.

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3.2 Best Practice: Governing the Site

Navigating governance in a partnership is complex. Partners must work together to attain common goals through varying lenses, achieving balance between accountability and independence.

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