Launch Pad

Unlocking the Potential of Places that Matter.

Through the generous support of donors and volunteers, the National Trust’s Launch Pad program connects community organizations with seasoned regeneration experts in order to collaboratively find solutions to save and renew their historic places.

We know that small community organizations and volunteers work hard on the ground and that they don’t always have access to or the means to pay for external expertise to save and renew the places that matter to them.

The goal of Launch Pad is to better equip these local organizations to meet the challenges they face by offering expertise in areas such as new revenue generation models, community engagement strategies, organizational and business planning, partnership development and fundraising. As much as possible Launch Pad activities involve the participation of students and young professionals, providing an extraordinary hands-on mentoring opportunity.

Throughout the year and as funds allow, the National Trust announces Launch Pad opportunities

“We’re a volunteer organization. We don’t have the expertise or experience that the National Trust brings to the table. Launch Pad gave us our path forward. We’re underway and it just wouldn’’t have happened without Launch Pad.”

Current Opportunity

Announcing New Launch Pad Coaching Grants 

Thanks to the support of the Government of Canada and the generosity of donors, the National Trust is pleased to offer a limited time opportunity for communities to receive a Launch Pad coaching grant.

Sometimes just a little advice from an expert can make a big difference in the regeneration of a historic place. If you are fighting to raise the funds to save a place, or if you need a fundraising strategy to reach new supporters, some well-timed coaching can boost a project’s energy. This is where Launch Pad coaching grants come in, connecting groups with the right experts for some timely advice.

Here is what you need to know:
1. Four Launch Pad coaching grants available in the categories listed below (listed A-E)

2. Applications are due March 27th, 2017 at 5PM EST

3. The application form is available at the bottom of the page

4.  Successful applicants will be notified on April 12th, 2017

5. Coaching will take place between April 2017- August 2017, and consists of 8 to 15 hours of direct coaching, typically involving two Launch Pad Coaches

6. Coaching will entail a combination of any of the following: training, one-on-one advice, group activities/exercises and review and feedback of materials / communication tools (coaching sessions will be offered remotely, and in person sessions will be offered where available.)

This year’s grants fall under the following categories:

A.  Fundraising (for example, a heritage organization needs a coach to review a draft fundraising plan, donor appeal strategy or crowdfunding campaign plan)
B. Revenue Generation (for example, a community group is looking for advice on the start-up of a new revenue generation activity for a historic site)
C. Sponsorship (for example, a local organization is seeking advice on how to successfully adopt sponsorship strategies for an event or project)
D. Business Planning (for example, a group of volunteers needs help drafting a business plan for the purchase of a historic site)
E. Marketing and communications (for example, an organization is looking for advice on how to improve their social media outreach to attract loyal followers and donors)

Applicant organizations must:
• Be a Canadian registered not-for-profit, band council or registered charity.
• Own, lease, or be actively seeking to own a historic place – (if the organization does not / is not seeking to own a historic place, application must clearly demonstrate the impact of the work on a specific historic place); and,
• Be able to demonstrate that it is in a position to benefit from the coaching grant: e.g. that it has already begun work on the initiative, that it has resources assigned to the initiative, that its leadership has endorsed the initiative.
If you and your project meet these criteria please complete this form.


* These grants (estimated value of  $3000-$5000 each) are in granted in time only, and no actual funds will be provided.


Launch Pad Grant Application Form

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