Regenerating Historic Places

Looking to revitalize your historic place? Read on for useful resources to help you out.

Regenerating Historic Places

Canada is blessed with an incredibly rich legacy of historic places – those iconic lighthouses, rich cultural landscapes, evocative industrial complexes, and impressive public buildings – that enrich so many communities. Despite the numerous threats they face, these places can be revitalized in ways that build on their inherent social, cultural, and environmental benefits.

While the path forward needs to be tailored for some types of places (see our Downtown Revitalization and Places of Faith sections), there are solutions that are applicable to most.

Our Approach

Regenerating Historic Places

We start from the conviction that successful historic sites are led by a strong, diverse and focused team (that’s you!). In our tip sheets, training and coaching services, you’ll be encouraged and guided to continuously explore new revenue-generation possibilities, to engage more meaningfully with your community in order to identify new volunteers and partners, and to use new technologies to modernize your communications and maximize their impact.

Our focus on is on historic sites that are open to the public, and that are managed by not-for-profit organizations – although publicly-owned and commercial properties can also benefit from this advice.

What's New

National survey on rural historic places

Help us better understand the issues that are impacting rural heritage in your region.

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The new and improved Agora list serve!

Sign up for our Agora list serve, and access the accumulated heritage brain power from across the country!

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Launch Pad Coaching Grants

Each year, as funds allow, we work with a number of organizations to help them unlock the potential of their historic place. Many of our past and current Launch Pad recipient organizations received free coaching to help them with their fundraising and sponsorship plans.

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Robert Pajot

Project Leader, Regeneration