Improving your bottom line

From small shop fundraising to major gifts, and sponsorship to social enterprise, there are many different ways to raise funds and increase the revenue for your historic place. Dive in and learn something new to help you improve your bottom line!

When it comes to fundraising strategies for historic places, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when we are up against larger institutions, like hospitals and universities with sophisticated fundraising shops. It can be equally daunting to compete for earned revenue, when we are up against local business and tourism dollars.

But, we have so many strengths in the heritage sector. Historic places are beloved community assets, cornerstones of local memory and identity. We have compelling stories to tell potential donors, funders and corporate partners. We engage with our communities in so many ways and there are opportunities for us to contribute to the local economy.

We need to arm ourselves with the basics and understand the different types of revenue streams, including donation income, grants, sponsorship and earned revenue (social enterprise). Raising donation income, for example, requires a different mindset then approaching a local business to become a corporate partner. In this section of Regeneration Works, we have assembled a suite of learning opportunities (including tip sheets on each of the different types of revenue streams) and resources for you punch above your weight!

What's New

New on-demand webinars available

Learn how to get ready fundraise in these three new training sessions.

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Learn about funding opportunities

We’ve updated our Find Funding Tool. Learn about granting opportunities at the national, provincial and regional level.

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Launch Pad Coaching Grants

Each year, as funds allow, we work with a number of organizations to help them unlock the potential of their historic place. Many of our past and current Launch Pad recipient organizations received free coaching to help them with their fundraising and sponsorship plans.

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