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Approfondissez vos connaissances! Prenez part dans un webinaire ou participez à un événement et apprenez des stratégies pour soulever des fonds, augmenter vos revenues et revitaliser votre place ou centre-ville patrimoniale. Revenez souvent pour le pré-inscription pour les événements à venir.



12:15 - 1:00

Webinar: Six Steps to Telling Your Heritage Story


Heritage places are filled with great stories to tell. In this webinar learn how to craft and share your message in a way that engages, compels and inspires – and wins you a wider engaged audience – especially important during these restrictive COVID times.

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12:15 - 1:45

Webinar: Heritage served up virtually: Navigating the new world of online events and programming


Special Extended Session

Are you exploring moving events or programming online? Is this the right fit for your historic site? As physical distancing measures persist and the doors to many historic places remain closed, this may be the new normal. This can be an exciting opportunity to entertain audiences and raise funds, but there is no one size fits all.

In this special extended session, we will take a deep dive into online events and programming and look at how historic places can earn revenue, generate impact and gain loyal supporters. You will hear directly from historic site operators and their experiences moving events and programming online and gain tips and tricks from fundraising and marketing professionals.

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