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12:15 pm - 01:00 pm

Practical Approaches to Heritage Home Rehabilitation


Rehabilitating historic buildings doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. Focusing on heritage homes, this webinar will introduce practical approaches to renovations that can enhance the usability of your historic home while maintaining the heritage character. We’re sitting down with a heritage contractor with over 35 years of experience to get his advice and recommendations.

Webinar Presenter:
Paul Denys is a contractor in the Ottawa area with over 35 years of experience rehabilitating heritage buildings. Paul’s experience ranges from restoring elevations of historic buildings to integrating contemporary kitchen and bathrooms into the historic fabric of heritage homes. Paul’s work has been featured in several publications and he has presented on the viability of wood windows restoration. He has won a number of heritage awards from the City of Ottawa and Gatineau for his restoration work on heritage homes.

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