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01:00 pm - 02:00 pm

Gathering of the Heritage Sector: Bill C-23, New federal heritage legislation


Canada is the only G-7 country without laws to protect heritage places owned or recognized by its national government. On June 7, the Honourable Steven Guilbeault, Minister of Environment and Climate Change and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, tabled Bill C-23, proposing legislation dedicated to the designation and protection of federally-owned historic places. The Bill has now passed first reading.

Press materials for the proposed new Act state that through this legislation, “the Government of Canada is taking action to ensure the sustainable protection of historic places and to present our shared history in ways that are inclusive and meaningful to all Canadians, including Indigenous peoples, youth and members of diverse groups across Canada.”

This Gathering of the Heritage Sector is being held to hear about the Bill from Parks Canada colleagues, and engage heritage leaders and the public in reviewing and discussing the bill. Among other things, it is an opportunity to assess the Bill against earlier recommendations from the National Trust and its National Council partner organizations [Proposed Federal Heritage Legislation – National Trust and Council Recommendations: https://nationaltrustcanada.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Proposed-Federal-Heritage-Legislation-National-Trust-and-Council-Recommendations-Final.pdf] about what this long-awaited legislation should cover.

Special guests from Parks Canada:

Christine Loth-Bown (Vice-présidente, Affaires autochtones et Patrimoine culturel / Vice-President, Indigenous Affairs and Cultural Heritage)
Geneviève Charrois (Directrice, Législation, politique et planification du patrimoine culturel / Director, Cultural Heritage Legislation, Policy and Planning)

In the interest of engaging all attendees in discussion, the format will allow anyone to participate live on screen by turning their camera and microphone on (optional). You can also contribute in writing using the Chat and Q&A options.

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