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12:15 pm - 01:00 pm

Climate Change in Heritage Places: Learning from Parks Canada’s Climate Change Adaptation Workshops


This webinar will explore the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events affecting Canadian heritage places and will gain insight on how people can work together to find adaptation options specific to their sites.

Over the last three years, Parks Canada has been facilitating workshops to investigate how climate change is affecting Canada’s heritage places (risks and impacts), and what can and should be done about it (adaptation options). This presentation will summarize the trends that Parks Canada is seeing at their heritage sites across the country, using climate data from Parks Canada scientists and on-the-ground experiences from staff and operators. It will also detail the methodology of the Adaptation Workshop Framework, developed by Parks Canada and the Canada Parks Council, which has been used to facilitate the eight sessions completed so far. Lastly, the webinar will discuss the broad findings of the workshops, and explain how other groups can host their own for their cultural sites.

Webinar Presenters:
Host: Chris Wiebe (Manager, Heritage Policy & Government Relations, National Trust for Canada, Ottawa, ON)
Guest Presenter: Lydia Miller (Conservation Architect, Senior Built Heritage Advisor, Parks Canada, Gatineau, QC)

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