Main Street

Looking to revitalize your downtown? Main Street can help.

Main Street

First launched in 1979, The National Trust’s trademarked Main Street Regeneration Approach® has impacted hundreds of Canadian communities.

Why renew Canada’s Main Streets?

Canada’s main streets have great untapped potential. Communities that invest in their downtown core enjoy economic returns, as well as social and cultural benefits for the broader community.

What’s more, through building upon the physical, cultural and human assets in a downtown, innovation thrives and a renewed sense of place and community pride emerges.

We can help!

Does your main street need a boost? The National Trust is pleased to introduce Main Street Boost, an energizing event designed to spark the revitalization process in your community. Over the course of one or two days, we will inspire and motivate your community to take action by shining a light on the potential of your downtown. Interested in giving your Main Street a boost? Call or email Robert Pajot at 613-237-1066 ext. 233 or