Tip Sheet: Tips for a Strong Launch Pad Coaching Grant Application

Thinking about applying for a Launch Pad Coaching Grant? Here are some tips to help you put together a strong application!


The Basics

1. Confirm your Eligibility

Make sure you’ve read the Application Guidelines and confirmed that your project and organization are eligible. Launch Pad coaching grants are open to Canadian organizations who can demonstrate that they are in a position to benefit from the coaching grant.

2. Choose the Right Category

Make sure you’ve selected the right coaching grant category for your project or organization by thinking about how it fits with your initiative, and the specific kind of advice you’re looking for.

3. Be Clear on Your Goals

Use clear, simple language to describe your goals and how you plan to achieve them.

Be clear on ownership.

If you are not the owner of the historic place, explain how your group or organization fits into the picture. Who are the owners, and what is your current or desired arrangement?

If the property is owned by a municipality, are you, as a nonprofit or charity, in the driver’s seat to implement change? What restrictions (if any) does your organization face?

Making the Case for Your Initiative

Why does your historic place matter?

Tell us why your historic place is important to you and your community. Is it a community hub? A cool historic museum? What makes it special?

What will help right now?

Tell us how this coaching grant will help you move your initiative forward, and what other activities you are also undertaking.

What is your capacity?

Remember, Launch Pad coaching grants only provide up to 14 hours of coaching services. Successful applicants must clearly demonstrate that they have the organizational capacity to undertake the initiative, or have a plan in place to ensure that the initiative can be undertaken.

What does success look like?

Tell us what success looks like for your project or organization. Be specific – include your goals and milestones you to achieve over the next year, and how a coaching grant would help you drive your initiative.

Remember: Make sure you’ve filled out all of the required fields, provided as many relevant details as possible, and included any relevant links to additional information online.

Still have questions? Contact us.