Free Webinars

During this difficult period of closures and social distancing, many of us are looking forward to better times when our historic places will once again be open to visitors. To help plan for that time, we’re making some of our recent webinars available on demand – so dive in to these sessions that include useful strategies for fundraising, marketing, and revitalizing historic places of faith.

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COVID-19 and the Heritage Sector

These sessions provide opportunities to come together virtually so we can all hear from each other. How are sites responding to the changed landscape for using, visiting and congregating in historic sites? Will the evolving economic climate and future stimulus measures be positive or negative for existing and older buildings?

Access past session recordings below.

Session 1: Impacts for heritage charities, sites and nonprofits

April 2, 2020

Session 2: A conversation with industry leaders, co-hosted with the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals

April 7, 2020

Session 3: Recommendations for recovery (Part 1)

April 21, 2020

Session 4: Recommendations for recovery (Part 2)

May 5, 2020

Session 5: COVID-19 and the Heritage sector

May 19, 2020

Session 6: Live Advocacy Action Session

June 3, 2020

Session 7: Revitalizing Canadian Main Streets After the Crisis

June 17, 2020

Session 8: A Conversation About Diversity, Equity and Anti-Racism (Part 1)

June 30, 2020

Session 9: Diversity, Equity and Anti-Racism (Part 2)

July 14, 2020

Session 10: Re-opening Heritage Sites and Historic Places: Heritage Leaders Share Challenges and Solutions

July 28, 2020