Inspiring Places of Faith

Places of Faith are at the core of so many communities, yet many face significant challenges. We have tailored resources and services to help.

A Partnership for Places of Faith

This new collaboration between theĀ National Trust and Faith and the Common Good, is dedicated to offering hope, inspiration and solutions to communities grappling with places of faith at risk.

Together, we bring proven strategies and training that unlock challenging situations and sites, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the social, spiritual and cultural health of the community.

We work with faith communities and their community stakeholders, who could be downsizing, growing, selling, buying or redeveloping their place of faith, who want to work with municipalities, developers and others within their community to create vitality and purpose with these special buildings. Visit the Events page to learn about upcoming webinars and training opportunities

Interested in speaking with someone about your place of faith? Contact Robert Pajot at 1-866-964-1066 ext. 233.

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Robert Pajot

Project Leader, Regeneration